Honda mower won't start


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Question Honda mower won't start

I wondered if anyone out there with a knowledge of lawnmower engines could help?
I have a Honda HR170 mower which is in good order with good compression in the engine.
I cannot detect a spark when the engine is turned over. There is a small black plastic box at the top rear of the engine above the spark plug. The HT leads seem to go into this box gizmo. Does anyone know what this thing is, what it does and could it be the reason for there being no spark? Is it repairable/replaceable?
Many thanks in keen anticipation of an answer to an annoying conundrum.
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Hello Arthur,

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with an HR170. Judging by your description, it sounds as though it doesn't have the ordinary ignition system one would expect to find on the general small engine. Usually the high tension lead goes directly into the coil, which is usually mounted near the flywheel. I wonder if yours is more like a cycle or 4 wheeler type ignition system with an externally mounted coil and CDI module, or if it has a 12volt coil with points. Any idea? If not, give a good description of what you see from the spark plug back, and make note of any related wires coming from any modules involved. Knowing the type of system it has will make all the difference in diagnosing it.
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Thumbs up Thanks - mysterious black box gizmo

Dear Cheese

Thank you for your kind thoughts and suggestions. I'll have another look this weekend and make a more detailed note of where it is and any other details the 'Black box' gizmo might have - perhaps some writing which so far has eluded me.

An old chap living nearby who is an aficianado of ancient petrol engines (used for pumps and farm machinery) has looked at it and simply made the comment that "..If the japanese can make a simple thing complicated, then they will.." maybe true but not much help!

Best wishes

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