Need part number for B&s 5hp


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Need part number for B&s 5hp

Hi all, got an old rototiller last weekend with a 5hp b&s, previous owner said it had no spark. Spark plug/muffler is missing. Swapped out the motor with a 7hp Tecumseh from my ariens snow blower (removed heater gaurds), was working great until the connecting rod snapped

Now want to get the B&S running so I can finish the garden.
Want to change the points system to newer style coil, get a spark plug and a carb kit. Looking for part #'s

130202 0523 75013106 is the numbers on the cover.

Any help would be great!
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There is no carb kit for this engine, You buy separate parts for rebuilding.

Carb to engine gasket #27355S
Carb to tank gasket #272409
Diaphragm #270026
Coil #397358
Champion J19LM spark plug

If you haven't removed the flywheel yet it is not necessary, just snip the points wire off at the back of the flywheel and let it hang. Install the new coil as below;

Rotate the flywheel magnet away from the coil. Remove the two mounting screws then install the new coil, But pull the new coil away from the flywheel and just snug the two screws.

Rotate the flywheel magnet in front of the new coil and insert any business card between the two. Loosen the two screws and let the magnet pull the coil to the flywheel, Hold a slight pressure on the coil pushing it against the flywheel and tighten the screws. Rotate the flywheel to remove the business card.

Good Luck
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Thank you very much, i'll let you know how I made out. Wish me luck hehe

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