Snapper RER won't move, what do I need to do ?


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Question Snapper RER won't move, what do I need to do ?

Looks like my faithful 1985ish #28085S is gonna need driveline work.
Replaced the rubber driven disc and still doesn't go when in gear. Noticed that the axle is loose so I assume it's gonna take axle bearings as well. Went to Snapper's site and got every manual listed for my model.
My question is, what else should I replace while I have everything apart?
'Have the axles boots, the driven disc is new, as is the thrust washer. Should I replace the Drive Disc while it's apart ?
Briefly considered trading it in on a newer one, but just replaced the original 8hp B&S w/ a B&S 14.5hp I/C OHV about 2 yrs ago. Been a sweet mower til now. With a ninja mulching blade and my fat butt on it, never even broke a sweat.
What kind of "heartburn" can I expect to run into when attempting this project ? What should I be looking out for ?
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Well, These units are relatively easy to work on but I believe the hardest part may be removing the wheel hubs from the axles. I have had to torch many off.

Before you start ripping into it remove the fuel tank and battery if equipped then stand it on the rear bumpers, Put the shifter in the roll position.

Grab both rear tires and rotate them the same direction, You should see the rubber disc spin. Doing this little test will tell you if there is a broken chain in either transmission before tear-down. In most cases a worn axle bushing causes a unit to keep driving when the clutch is pressed due to the rubber disc being closer to the engine disc.

Unless the engine disc has deep grooves wore in it I wouldn't replace it, Also if the axle bushing is OK in the large trans I wouldn't bother going into it. Just add more "OO" grease to both trans. and be done with them.

Since you have the manuals you should be set to tackle this little job But if you have any problems feel free to give a shout.....

Good Luck
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Generally you only need to remove the left fender plate to replace the boots and such, but I'd check the chain like 31YTech suggested. If the chain is broken, you'll need to go into the right side. The worn bushing is usually on the left side as well. If the unit has been run extensively with torn boots, then it may need a lot of stuff. The left side hub is usually the hard one to get off. I sometimes have to use an air impact hammer or oxy/acetylene torch to get them to come off. Other times they slip off by hand .

I usually replace the boots, driven disc, left axle bushing if needed, both axle seals and dust covers, and add grease (use "00" grease) to both assemblies, along with any other odd parts that have gone bad.
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Just so I understand.
I need to remove the RH side fender to replace the axle bushing only.
To replace the boots, I need to put the RH side back together,go in thru the LH side to get to both the boots. Removing the gear case to access the RH side boot.
Is that correct ?
Along the way to boot replacement might as well replace the LH axle bushing as well, I assume.

Another question, w/o having a "press", how would one remove/replace the axle bushings ?

Finally getting around to tackling this project

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Once the unit is standing up on the rear bumper as I mentioned above....

Remove both rear tires, Then the RH wheel hub.

Disconnect the shift linkage from the small (sliding) transmission and any brake cable that may be attached to it.

To replace both boots loosen all four boot clamps.

On the bottom of this small trans will be a long roller that slides into a slot in the clutch yoke, On the RH side of this yoke will be a white plastic bushing with a 5/16" screw thru the center. Remove this screw so the yoke can be pushed downward.

Pull the RH boot back away from the RH fender exposing the axle and check for/remove any set-screws that may be holding a bearing onto the axle.

Remove all the screws holding the RH fender onto the unit, Then tap the RH fender off the axle. Now just loosen the screws holding the left fender to the frame.

Slide the boot loose from the LH side of the small trans, Pull out and upward on the RH side of the axle while sliding the small trans off.

Install the new boot on the left side of the small trans then reverse the order to re-install everything.

Use a large socket to knock the old axle bushing/bearing out of the fender then drive the new one in, But be careful not to hit near the axle hole it can be mushroomed so the axle won't slide thru.

If the LH axle bushing/bearing is OK I wouldn't open that large trans just for the heck of it.

Good Luck

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