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Smile No fire

Trying to start a Husqvarna 125 L weedeater for neighbor. Have correct fuel mix, air, and new spark plug... Won't
fire at all? I'm new to 2 stroke engines so thanks for
all help and advice.
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Remove the spark plug, connect it to the spark plug wire and ground it against the cooling fins (wear a glove and/or use some insulated pliers to hold it) and then pull the cord. Do you get spark? You might have to be in shade to see the spark.

If you get spark then it's a fuel problem. Consider trying a shot of starting fluid or even a few drops of gas into the carburetor after you remove the air filter. If it runs then your carb is gummed up and/or isn't getting any fuel from the tank.
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Did as you said...No spark...carb is not gummed....plug smells like it's getting to much; how do I correct lack of spark?
Thanks for your help
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Just to be sure, are you making sure the metal part of the spark plug base is touching a metal part of the engine while checking for spark?

If so, and you have no spark, then disconnect the kill wire from the coil. Test for spark again. If still no spark, the coil is bad. If there is spark, then there is a short to ground in the kill wire or a bad kill switch.

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