remove auger Sears Craftsman 536.881500


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remove auger Sears Craftsman 536.881500

I have to replace the auger housing assembly because the guide strip at the ground level tore off of the chute housing, not at the screws but actually cracked the housing. This is a common problem for Sears models. Now that I've received the parts do do this I cannot get the auger off and need to know the proper tools (wrench)? and method (stuff 2x4 between auger shafts?) fix the auguer from spinning as I try to turn the 1 inch nut (clockwise I am told to remove).

Once that is done its back to putting the demon back together with the 24 screws I had to remove to get the housing down to all but removing the auger off the pulley.

while I am waiting for that I guess I will add stabilizer to the gas tank because I dont want to turn the thing upside down and used a turkey baster to remove the extra gas, but need to run the engine down instead. Then lube and oil. What kind of lube is needed, where do i get it.
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I know this is an old post, but I have the exact same problem and the exact same snow blower. My parts are on the way and I wanted to know if you found out how to remove the auger.

Also, I need to replace the auger rubber. Sears will only sell the entire auger. I plan to drill out the rivits and replace the rubber only. Do you have any idea what rubber kit will work on our blower?

Thanks in advance.....jster
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Well, I did it. I used a 1" socket and a long metal bar to remove the auger.

I put the metal rod through one of the holes in the flat part of the auger, and as I turned the auger it wedged against the round auger shaft.

It IS a left hand thread. So, don't use lefty loosey. Use the opposite. I had to use a breaker bar on the 1"socket. After I removed the pulley, I had to hammer the auger to get the bearing off. A wheel puller would have saved me a lot of time.

I am working on the rubber now. I hope this helps if you haven't fixed it yet.

Take care....jster

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