Briggs Vanguard 14.5 HP Model 294447 PTO Seal


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Briggs Vanguard 14.5 HP Model 294447 PTO Seal

I have a 94 Cub Cadet 1440 with a Briggs Vanguard 14.5 HP engine. Last week I noticed alot of white smoke coming from the exhaust. I pulled the air filter out and noticed that there was oil being blown through the breather. Also there was alot of oil all over the place inside the engine comp. I found the source of the leak and it is the PTO Oil Seal. My question is, can a failed PTO oil seal cause excessive pressure in the crankcase. I believe that there is too much pressure inside the case and that is why it is blowing oil through the breather. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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Yes it can,as well as a leaking gasket,rings,oil filler tube,ECT.Anywhere where the engine can suck air into it.The crankcase is supposed to have a vaccum in it.
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Sounds like a blown head gasket.

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I agree, sounds like a blown head gasket. It could also be gas-thinned oil, which would send the oil level way up, causing it to blow out the breather, out the exhaust, and seep out any seals it contacts. Is the oil level overfull and does the oil smell like gas? If so, the carb needs repair. If not, I'd go with the head gasket theory.

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Thanks Guys I was afraid you would say blown head gasket...


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