Hurray my mower is fixed!

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Hurray my mower is fixed!

First off thanks for all the help provided!

Below is a link to the previous thread which was locked because I didn't accept the answer that was given to me (which was the wrong answer, 100% wrong). The mods got angry with me after they continued to tell me my seat switch was bad (which it was not).

I ended up replacing the clutch switch and the blade switch (came in the mail and installed today) with brand new parts. No tape, no bypass, just new parts (which were $7/pop).

As I said in that thread my seat switch is working 100% correctly. I have not taped nor replaced that particular switch. In fact of the three switches it is the only one that was working 100% and did not need to be replaced.

My mower is working 100% now.

Thanks for everyone who offered me genuine help instead of just tossing a link at me and then locking my thread after I explained my problems again.

Cheers lads,
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And by the way. I am assuming this will also get locked and when it is you forum readers will get a little insight on the mods.

I have never been cross, demanding, angry or rude and yet I get treated poorly. I think I'll move along to another forum with mods who can admit they are wrong, instead of locking threads when they don't get their way.

Good day!
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Glad you got it working, Had I seen the original thread, I'd have told you it was the seat switch as well. It fit the symptoms you described exactly. I didn't take your responces in the original thread to be angry, just arrogant. Just thought you might like to know how you present yourself in the opinion of a bystander with no horse in the race.
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Glad it's fixed. I find it odd that 2 switches would go bad simutaneously. Regardless, I had to stick with the seat switch until you would show that you had eliminated it. You would not entertain the idea. If you look at the link that 31Yrtech posted, your mower manufacturer even says it's the seat switch. You came and asked for advice, we gave it. GAVE. Get it? You got what you payed for, and a chance to show your hiney to boot. Looking gift horses in the mouth won't get you a lot of friends in life. I tried to help you. I took my time to give you my thoughts on how to fix your problem but you just take stabs at me for it. I don't get paid to do this you know. I just offered the advice to help be nice.

If you continue to be condescending to anyone here, this thread will also be locked or possibly deleted. The fact that we don't allow bickering discussions to trash up the forum is part of what makes this forum a no-nonsense place to come get professional advice without the drama and stupidity that you get on most other forums. If you want to argue and point fingers, do it in a private message.
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Maybe You were both right!

This thread intrigued me as after following Cheese's and 31yeartech's posts I find them to be very experienced technicians with spot on information.

I know that there are some models of Murray riding mowers that the seat switch is independent of the clutch and blade switches (at least on some of the rear engine riding mowers). After looking at a wiring diagram of your model rider, the seat switch (unless someone has modified it) is run through the clutch and blade switches. This however does not mean that the seat switch has to be bad for your problem to occur. There is a tiny switch inside the plug that attaches to the seat switch. This switch detects that the plug is attached to the seat switch and if it's not, it will not allow the engine to run when either the clutch is released or the blades engaged.

Chances are when you removed and reinstalled the seat switch after testing or whatever this small switch in the plug began working correctly and so did your mower.

At least this is what I think must have happened as I have run across similar issues just recently with a couple of Murray riders that did the exact same thing you described in the original thread. I too will go straight to the seat switch with that kind of problem, but if it tests good then I look at the tiny switch in the plug as it's usually the culprit.
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As Service Technicians (Myself and Mr. Cheese) we have proper test procedures to follow when diagnosing a failed machine, These procedures are given to us by the equipment
manufactures and learned on our own from years of experience.

The scenario you explained you were having with your unit was all too common along with the diagnosis you were given. Yourself and others should understand that when asking for help on-line that you are asking for probable causes to your problem by someone that may have experienced the same problem you are having.

When a Service Technician takes the time to help others on-line one must remember, We can't see nor hear what the unit in question is doing so all we can do is submit the best diagnosis based on our experience.

I must also add;

In my 31 years experience in this industry I don't recall ever running across a scenario such as the one you described and finding the problem nothing more than a faulty seat switch/ plug connector switch or wire harness. I'm not saying it's not possible but that it is completely out of character.

In any event I'm glad your unit is up and running now.

Happy Mowing.....

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