Murray 40507xA- won't stay started


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Wink Murray 40507xA- won't stay started

hoping someone can help as I am a woman trying to fix
my rider mower on my own.....I love a challenge! Mowed my front lawn without any problems. The mower sat overnight
and when I started it to do my back yard the next day it went about 20 feet and it died. Made the same sound as if it ran out of gas.
It started back up right away but kept dying every few feet.
Not sure where to start. It has plenty gas, oil levels are fine.
Any help would be appreciated!

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Lily, could be a number of things but let's start with the absolute simplest 1st. You very well could be "running out of gas" if your gas cap is not venting. Try running it without the cap and see if problem subsides. If it does replace cap and you are all set. If not post back and we will go to next step
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Wow! Would love it if it would be that easy! Thanks so much for the advice and I'll check it this afternoon! I'll let you know!
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Thank You!!!!

Thank you so much Smallengine!
I took off the gas cap and it ran perfect and put the cap back on and didn't tighten it as much and it ran perfect!
I can't believe something like that would cause such a problem. Again thank you for your help!
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Be sure to replace the cap since you don't want to start a fire due to leakage from a loose cap.

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