problem idling with briggs 5.5


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problem idling with briggs 5.5

have a briggs 5.5 on a go cart. motor starts up fine on choke and idles. However, having to move to half choke or no choke when cold, the motor dies. As the motor gets warmer it tends to idle longer in the half choke setting. It will never idle in the off choke setting. It seems to run fine 1/4 throttle to WOT but will die after releasing the throttle and the RPM's come back down.

If i turn the idle screw up, it will idle too high on the choke settings. I have taken teh carb apart several times and have blown out the jets and passageways with air and solvent. Any ideas?

Last thing, to check valve clearances, do i set piston at TDC on compression stroke or .25 BTDC? i have gotten conflicting info. thanks
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The valves are set at .25 past tdc compression stroke, You should have a governed idle spring on this engine but without model and type numbers posted I can't verify.

I have learned the first thing kids do is tinker with throttle controls to get it to go faster, Therefore springs are bent out of whack and removed.....

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