5hp rototiller-pull start won't recoil


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5hp rototiller-pull start won't recoil

Need some parts information please- 5 hp garden tiller- think it's Magna- pull start won;t recoil- poor or no resistance on pull rope. We've had it apart down to where the ball bearings are and put those in place since they keep falling in. The spline seems to be magnetic. The shaft that fits on the spline turns freely and I think this is the problem. I'm wondering if this is some sort of sealed bearing and can be replaced? It's about three inches long. Don't have a manual on the tiller. There are four sort of cogs at the end of the shaft. They don't appear worn but not sure if these are what keeps the shaft from spinning or the inside has some magnetic property that it no longer has. Any suggestions? Thank you
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Post the engine Mfg, Model, Type, etc. usually found on the engine shroud and someone will be able to help. Have a good one. Geo
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To me it sounds like this is a Briggs engine, right?? The balls in the starter clutch are supposed to be clean & dry & fall into the center with the engine off. Centrifugal force drives the balls out & makes the clutch freewheel @ engine speed. Make sure it's clean & dry in there & remove any dust, rust or lube & also make sure the center part turns free on the crankshaft, as they can squeel like MAD if sticky.... Post the engine numbers & we can look closer,... Roger
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It sounds like you have a Briggs engine and you are referring to the starter clutch. While this may be troublesome, I'm more inclined to think you have a weak starter spring which is located in the starter housing/blower shroud and under the starter pulley (what the rope wraps onto). If you've never serviced a rewind starter it may be safer to take it to a repair shop for them to replace and service the starter...the spring is under a good deal of pressure/tension and can cause injury if not handled properly. Post back with make and ID number of the engine so we know what you have.

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