MTD lawn tractor issue


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MTD lawn tractor issue

I bought a 660 serires MTD (yardman) a couple of years ago. It has a twin cylinder tecumseh engine on it. First issue is this: is the fuel pump on this engine supposed to actually pump at a particular pressure? I can take mine and put a hose on it and hold it lower than the pump and gas comes out... but if i hold it above the pump gas will not come out... this is while turning the engine over (trying to start).

Secondly i have hit a very heavy cast pipe in my yard. It bent the living daylights out of one of the blades... I repalced both blades, both spindles and belt and still the deck shakes like a, well just real bad. I have had the crank and the pulley on the crank looked at and all three dealers seem to think crank is not bent.. I know i have had engine running and lookat crank and could not see a out of round situatuion or anyting odd. I have been told that the deck shouldnt make it shake but I am not sure I trust the philosphy. Any help greatly appreciated as the motor still sounds good and runs without smoking..
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Sounds like the fuel pump isn't pumping, but if the tank is higher than the carb then it doesn't have to.

I'd look at the blade shafts, pulleys and belt for a reason for the deck to shake. If a pulley is spread or squeezed, ti will cause the deck to shake, or if the belt has a thin spot on it it will cause it.
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Kind of a slim chance....

You said the engine is running ok, but with a hard stop like that you might have sheared the flywheel key and rotated the flywheel slightly on the shaft. That might cause your vibration under load.
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catn belive this but the deck shaking was due to using a non mtd brand belt... shop put a new belt on and 2 new carbs and things runs great....except for the fact that now it hesitates and only moves in 5 or 6 gear...hope it aint drive assembly. drive belts are original since 2001 so i am hoping it is that.

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