Tecumseh Engine Problems, 6.75 HP, VLV126-502525D


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Tecumseh Engine Problems, 6.75 HP, VLV126-502525D

Craftsman Self-Propelled Lawn Mower
Model # 917.377593
6.75HP Tecumseh Engine
Engine: 143.996704 (Craftsman #)
Engine Model: VLV126-502525D (Tecumseh #)

Recently, I picked up this used lawn mower. The seller indicated that it doesn't start and might need the carburetor rebuilt. I brought it home, poured in some new fuel and it started up within a few pulls (say 5-7). It was working okay and I thought it doesn't need any carburetor work. When I engaged the power gear (self-propelled system), it didn't really want to move. So, I figured that it needs the belt tension set. At the same time, I wanted to do some basic tune-up. I checked the spark plug and it's fine. Gap is okay too. I replaced the Air Filter also. I also did an oil change (there is no filter?). I could not adjust the belt tension, so I replaced it with a belt I had from my previous mower (Murray 22" mower, seemed like a good fit).

In the process of taking off the belt, I saw some fuel leaking around the carburetor. I tried tightening the bowl drain screw and it seems like the fuel starting leaking even worse. Is this normal? I really didn't pay any attention and not sure whether I made it any worse, just seems like I did. Is there an ideal setting? Do I need to replace some gaskets?

Well, after all of this, I re-started the mower and it ran okay. I started mowing the grass. Used it for like 30-45 minutes. Took a break, and when I tried re-starting, I had a hard time. After priming and pulling like 7-10 times, it finally restarted but ran poorly and died in 30 seconds. I tried this process 3-4 more times, before it ran without dying. Finished mowing, but seemed underpowered. The belt seems to work okay, but I purchased a new one (haven't installed it). I have also tried running the mower with some carburetor cleaner, but doesn't seem to help much (I realize this is probably too late).

So, now it seems like I need to rebuild the carburetor. It starts very poorly. Always dies the first few times that it starts up. Idles poorly.

I am pretty handy around the car, but haven't done too much with mower engines. Is carburetor rebuild my best option or do I have some other problems here? Besides taking it apart, are there any "fine" settings and/or spring loaded stuff that I would need a manual for?

I would appreciate if anyone can offer any advice. Sorry for being lengthy.
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The center emulsion tube (yellow part) is spring loaded in your carb but won't go flying when you drop the bowl, Your best bet would be to purchase the below kit that comes assembled instead of tearing yours down. The kit runs in the $20/25 range, Just clean all ports in the carb body with carb & choke spray cleaner with the little straw then pop the new bowl on.

Good Luck

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