Craftsman LT2000 - Briggs 18 HP fires once and dies


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Ok...sounds like you're still cool then. I know how easily some folks flare up over a disagreement when they're online. (not that you're that type, but ya never know). I may come across bluntly, but when the train of thought gets rolling, I just type. No offense intended by it.

So, as long as we're still on friendly terms, let me ask...if the engine turned easily with the spark plug out, why would the rusty flywheel care if the plug was in or out? What changes when the plug is put in? Nothing except the compression factor. Now, with the plug installed, the engine can't blow the air out of the cylinder through the plug hole. It has to compress it. If the engine can't turn anymore because of this, it is because the compression is too great. (compression release not effective because of excessive valve clearances).

Think about this...the magnets on the outside of the flywheel serve only one purpose. They induce current in the coil windings and tell the coil when to fire by passing by the armature legs. They don't touch anything, just pass by. The armature is magnetic and can pick up the magnetic field whether it's rusty or not, just like a magnet will pick up a rusty nail as easily as a clean nail. The magnet and the coil armature are only related to the firing of the spark plug. The cranking over of the engine is done by the battery, solenoid, and starter, all of which are entirely independent of the magnets on the flywheel or the armature.

So, the only thing that changed by your removing or installing the plug was the engine's compression....and the only thing you did to the mower that would change compression is adjust the valves.

This horse is going to be un-recognizeable when we get done with it, lol!
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Like I said, I can't explain it. All I know is that removing the rust got it to start. I hear what you are saying, and it makes complete sense, but something doesn't add up.

Like you said, who cares. It's working, and that's all that matters...

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Originally Posted by 31YTech View Post

Can you put your fingers on the fuel solenoid and feel/hear it click when you turn the key switch on and off ?

Could be a piece of trash hanging it closed.....It could be bench tested out of the carb with jumper leads to assure it's fully opening/retracting.
Sounds to me that you have a problem with a fuel pump.

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