B&S electronic ignition conversion


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B&S electronic ignition conversion

Hello all:

I am replacing the original armature on an old B&S 190402 engine with a Stens aftermarket electronic unit.

The Stens unit has two small black wires (unmarked) coming out of the coil. I assume one is a ground and one is for the kill switch?

This engine does not have a kill switch - just the little metal flip lever that grounds the spark plug.

Can someone please tell me what to do with the two small wires?

Thanks much!
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Can you post the Stens part number so we can see which module you have ?

If I had to guess one wire goes to ground and the other to the points wire leading to the coil, If still no spark reverse the wires.
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Not knowing what your actual problem is, thought I'd add I fixed my neighbors B&S lawn mower engine today. He said it would start only sometimes, and other times up and quit.

I got no spark when grounding the plug (take out) to shiny metal. Yet, I never completely trust that test in day light - as after he cranked it after I inspected a good plug, the thing almost started, and I was wondering how that could be when I saw absolutely no spark before. So I felt it and I could feel the zap through the rubber at the boot.

After making sure the kill switch cable was not out of adjustment, preventing the safety bar from disengaging it - I took off the pull start cover and found the coil out from the magnet about 3/16 inch. Readjusted it, and to everyones pleasure she fired right off and ran smooth in 3 back to back to back start-run attempts.

I had also checked air filter, gas tank and compression with finger over open plug hole = all good enough for it to start. Asked him if he hit buried pipe or ? to bend shear key and he said no.

Something to look for, as those coils have 2 slotted out holes that can be adjusted. His machine also said it had "electronic ignition", and this is what was wrong with his.

All this mentioned took about 1/2 hour, including me getting out of my supply of o-rings and put in new o-ring for oil tube, as oil started to pump out of the base at crank-up like an arterial bleed. Neighbors gathered around, watching. Made his day, and mine too.
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Stens 460006

Thanks for the replies!

I think the electronic module is Stens #460006. There should not be any wire to the points, which are no longer necessary.

I've tried grounding either wire, and leaving the other free, but have not gotten a spark yet.

An ohmmeter reads about 2 ohms between the two wires, so they are making a circuit inside the coil.

Any ideas?
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You've got the wrong coil if you don't want to use points anymore. That coil requires the use of points. I never have good luck with aftermarket coils anyway. They often are bad out of the box, or not long afterwards.
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As cheese posted you have the wrong coil/module, You need to take it back and get Briggs part #398811.....

I was under the impression you bought a "bug" to take the place of the points.

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