Blade grinders


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Blade grinders

I am looking to buy a blade grinder. I am looking at 3 different ones. 1). Neary 440 . 2). Wall BG-121. 3). Oregon 88-019. Anyone here using any of these? What are the pros & cons of each? Which one does the best on a mulching blade?
Thanks for your input.
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Had a guy from another board PM me about sharpening blades, This was my reply to him;

I get tickled reading about everyone boasting how good their 3-4 hundred buck blade sharpeners are.

In a job shop I can sharpen 3 sets of blades in the time it would take to set one of those fancy pants machines up to sharpen one set....

Here's what I do;

Take the blade and put it in a vise as if it were still mounted under the deck, I have 4 1/2" and 9" angle grinders. It depends on how rounded the lead edge is as to which grinder I use (they sit next to my vise).

Hold the grinder at about a 45 degree angle, Using the edge of the grinding stone moving steady back and forth cuts faster. This creates less heat build-up on the blade edge that causes blue heat spots and weakening the steel.

Just stay with the factory angle and it should turn out sharp as new.

I can sharpen 3 blades to factory angle without any blue heat spots in 5 minutes or less, But....I've been doing it quite a few years. With a little practice anyone can sharpen blades FASTER than with those fancy pants machines.

No offence intended Indy, Just my opinion.....

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I mount a drum sander in my drill press to sharpen blades. As opposed to a grinder, you don't get burned edges that way, and it takes no time at all to sharpen them.
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In response to your PM, I have a Delta drum sander set with drums from 1/2" to 2". 80 and 120 grit drums.
About $15

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