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No Fuel Flow

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Join Date: Nov 2004
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05-13-08, 04:35 PM   #1  
No Fuel Flow

Hello all & Cheese; I am working on a John Deere SX 75. the worst design Deere has ever come up with! That aside I've gone brain damaged myself and need guidance! This rear engine rider has a Kawasaki 9 horse engine. I can't get the fuel to gravity flow? All the standard stuff has been done. I've run new fuel lines, new on/ff valve and a new fuel filter. Gas runs through it easily until I attach it to the carb. I cleaned the carb pretty well but I did NOT rebuild it! All internal parts seemed in good shape EXCEPT one of the 2 aluminum standards through which you run the small metal stay through to attach the float valve is broken off from the center of the hole at the top to the top. In other words one side of the float is attached and the other side is just sitting on the top of the standard. the hole for it is gone? I have never seen this and I don't know if this is my problem or not? The float seems to work ok even with the one side screwed up? Thanks for your thoughts and help! Ron

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05-13-08, 05:25 PM   #2  

If you have fuel flowing through the line up to the carb put a piece of fuel line on the carb and see if you can blow through the fuel inlet port of the carb, I have found quite a few plugged from trash.

Good Luck

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05-13-08, 11:53 PM   #3  
Hey there Ron! Good to hear from you again!

I agree with 31YTech. I've seen some of these accumulate garbage right at the inlet of the carb. If the fuel line was ever off for a short amount of time, and knowing the area you live in, there could have been a mud-dauber wasp to build it's nest in the inlet. (seen that too).

The carb should work ok even with one hole for the float pin missing. Make sure to keep the fuel shutoff closed when it's stored though, just in case.

The SX75 was a tough little mower for what it was, but like you say, the design is severely lacking...at least from a mechanics viewpoint.

"Who is John Galt?" - Ayn Rand (Atlas Shrugged)

God bless!

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05-14-08, 01:41 AM   #4  
Thanks...as always!

Wow, When Cheese says somebody is right that means they are darn well right! Congrats 31 YTech! I've been away a good while and haven't met up with you but glad to know your helping us out! I'll give it a try and it should work! Only problem is "I blew it out with compressed air before reinstalling"...HOWEVER...I never found the pieces of that stander? It has to be somewhere and unless it was cleared by another tech it is hidden deep in the bowls of the carb and is likely the culprit? Again, "Thanks to you both", Ron (Hope business is good Cheese drop me a note if you get a chance ALSO do you think the owners of this forum would object to me telling what I do and encouraging others to volunteer in their communities?)

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05-14-08, 04:07 AM   #5  
Are you saying that the float pin hole is broken out? In other words, 50% of the fulcrum is gone? If so, this will clearly cause the float action to be hindered and probably is your sole problem.

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