Craftsman Chain saw stall


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Cool Craftsman Chain saw stall

I have an older 20" Craftsman chain saw with electronic ignition. When I start it it takes about 6 pulls and then starts running then it rev's high and then shuts off. Then it takes about 20 pulls to start it and does the same thing. Any ideas where to start looking?
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Remove the muffler and check to see if the spark arrestor is clogged. The spark arrestor looks like a small piece of window screen inside the muffler. If clogged, clean it either with some sort of solvent, wire brush or by holding it with pliers and setting it or fire. Don't run the saw without it. Your saw could shoot sparks. Unlikely but could.
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Sounds to me like the carb needs cleaning at the least, possibly new fuel lines and primer as well. If the problem persists after these are eliminated as causes, then I'd be looking for an air leak into the crankcase.

A clogged spark arrestor won't allow the engine to race.
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It sounds like an air leak. Have had this problem in the past. Check gas lines. There might a pin hole and not visible to the naked eye. Also experienced this problem. The high rev is air premixing with your gas then entering combustion chamber. I agree with cheese any and all gas lines and primer. OOpsy 59
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New saw?

Hadda say ... I used to fight my old chainsaw. Then Sears had their new 16" on sale for about $130. Was that ever sweet. Since then I have burnt through a couple, but I get a good few years of hard work out of them. The only one I did not like had some fancy way to re-tighten chain ... one something. It was a big plastic nut that you loosened. Effect was only one bolt holding the chain on and it got so loose so fast (like 2 cuts) I finally had to return it. But the basic 16" Craftsman is an excellent saw, I think they are now more like $150 on sale. I use them until they get cranky in some way and get another. Replace lots of chains, though. Good luck.

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