Lawn Flite Edger


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Lawn Flite Edger

I have a question about my Lawn Flite edger( push), its either 4hp or 8hp Briggs, can't remember which and I am at work at the moment.

Anyway, it was given to me and I changed the oil and did general lube mainatince to it the other day.

There were two fill tubes, one in the front and one in the back. No dip stick, no site plug? don't have an owners manual and I am not sure how much oil to put into it.

I filled it so I can see it when I unscrew the fill plugs, I have not run it yet fearing I may have over filled it? Any assitance would be great on how much oil, etc etc. Thanks!
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If you have a filler tube that goes to the top of the engine shroud and you filled it until you can see the oil it is way over full and is going to create a mess if you ever get it started. The easiest solution is to get a dip stick, however with that said, drain the oil, remove the filler tube, on a level surface fill the oil to the bottom of the filler tube hole, reattach the filler tube, insert a small dowel in the filler tube all the way to the bottom, remove the dowel and mark where the oil line is, this the full mark for your oil, don't loose the dowel it's your new dipstick. Have a good one. Geo
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it's actually a 3hp, there is no dipstick. Maybe I will take a picture of it. There is just and oil fill in the front and also in the rear down very low, not like a lawn mower where it has the tube, etc, etc.

Just two oil fill plugs, down at crank level. nothing high. So, when you unscrew either the front or the back you see the oil. Do I make sense?
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Just fill it so that the oil is about to overflow out, then put the plug in. Do this with the engine level.
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What’s the reasoning for having filler in the front and also the back, for the purpose of making sure you can check to see if the oil is level in both front and back? Just curious, thanks!

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