Homelite PS33 Chain Saw - No start


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Homelite PS33 Chain Saw - No start

My Homelite PS33 Chain Saw won't start... Cleaned air filter, new plug, full of gas oil mixure... I ran it 3 weeks ago after cleaning it & the filter but the last 4 days - nothing... Check plug gap and spark was present once removed and laid on its side atop of the engine... Bubble is full of gas... On/Off switch functions correctly... I can smell gas and I can flood the engine if I push the gas bubble numerous time (tip the saw upside down to remove excess)... 20-30 pulls times 4 days... No Joy !!! Any ideas ???

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If you're getting fuel in the engine to the point of being able to turn it upside down and drain it, then you have a carburetor problem. Take it off and clean it out. Replace the needle and diaphragms.

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