weedwacker wont run


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weedwacker wont run

i need some advice before I spend any money..

i got this craftsman 32cc weedwacker line trimmer for free from a friend it's a 2001 model I've had it about two years.
model 01093n400097 ?? 358795160 ??
a little hard to start, and the idle fuel/mix is way off.. only runs in half choke position...

well last time i used it is started to act up.. losing power when it met any resistance even at full throttle. it has gotten worse.. so i read all the posts i could find.. decided to take it apart and clean it. put it back together.. and no better.
today it would run only if i contstantly moved the choke from off to half choke and back again... throttle only worked in half choke mode.. with choke off the throttle killed it.

does the choke restrict air or increase fuel or both?

i think need a new plug (gap?) and air filter

also wondering if maybe i reconnected the fuel lines wrong?
from tank to primer.. then from primer to carb... right?

if it is going to cost much more then that I will probably go with a new one.

thanks for any help you can offer
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replace the in tank fuel filter, then pull the carb and clean the fine screen in the fuel pump, that was the same problem I just had with my line trimmer. this fixed it.
a new plug probably would not hurt.

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the choke in closed position makes the fuel / air mixture rich by restricting the air.

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