Starter not Engaging Engine


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Starter not Engaging Engine

I have a Toro 825, Rider Mower.
I have replaced, the fuel filter, air filter, battery, oil, and gas to get ready for the season.

At the end of last fall, the engine began to sputter and shut down on its own. Now when I turn the ignition something just spins (whirring sound) but never engages the engine.

Any suggestions as to what it may be and how to fix it? Solenoid? Flywheel? Starter?
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the whirling noise your hearing is the starter working, but not engauging the flywheel. thats my best guess without looking at or hearing the noise. first try charging the battery, ive had this happen and after charging the battery it seemed to have more power and catch the flywheel. if not, remove the engine cover, or the starter cover, and look at it. look at the teeth on the gear, if its plastic they are probably gone. check that, and check the flywheel teeth. i doubt its damaged, but who knows. if the teeth on the starter are gone it can be easily replaced. why type of motor does this mower have? id easier to tell you how to replace the gear if i knew what kind it was.
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I agree with Jack. Sounds like your battery hasn't got enough amps to fully engage the starter. If you don't have a battery charger, you can use jumper cables from your car's battery. If that work, then your battery either needs charging or replacement. As to your mower's engine sputtering to a stop on it's own, that's most likely a separate problem, and we'd need more info on that to really address it. What make and model engine do you have? Does it restart after it shuts down? Does it have spark after it shuts down?
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Check your battery post, You could have bought a battery with reversed post and hooked it up backwards. This will cause the starter to run backwards.

Seen this all too many times, And in some cases it can blow the ignition coil/module.

Ditto on more info......
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31YTech beats me to it every time!

I was about to suggest making sure the battery isn't connected backwards...and if so, you may find that the coil is bad and possibly the charging stator and/or related diode is bad. Maybe not if you're lucky.

Otherwise, it could just be that the drive gear is stuck or broken on the starter.
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Thanks all!

its a Briggs and Stratton engine 8hp, (thats all I can remember off hand).
The Battery is new and I'll be sure its wired correctly, I'll check the teeth and flywheel gears. I'm new to tearing things apart and rebuilding so this gives me a good direction to chase down the problem.

Thanks everyone.

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