B&S Vanguard 16HP


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B&S Vanguard 16HP

I have a 16 HP Riding Mower, with a B&S Vanguard Enginer (V Type) Dual Exhaust. Probably by my description you already know that I am not very mechanically inclined, although I pretend to be. Anyway, the mower will start but then dies after a few minutes. This started a while ago and began to die as the engine had to work harder- when I engaged the blades then engine would bog down and eventually die. If I disengaged the blades, the engine seemed to run fine. Now, I can get it started, but it only runs for a few minutes then dies. Almost like it is running out of fuel. My thinking is that maybe it a fuel pump that has gone bad.

Any ideas? Also, can someone tell me how hard it is to change a fuel pump on these motors? I assume they have fuel pumps?? Thanks
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I would suggest you have someone check the valve adjustment first, that may be the only problem.

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Have you cleaned the carburetor out yet?

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