Kohler magnum 20hp with problems - need help...


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Kohler magnum 20hp with problems - need help...

Bought an old Ariens gt with the kohler magnum and after about 2 hours of use it started to give me problems. Started bucking a bit and sort of surging a bit, so I'm not sure if just a plug went bad, or if the carb needs adjustment.

If the electronic ignition module on these goes bad, could it casue these symptoms or would it just fail altogether?

Goin to buy new plugs tomorrow, because that's the cheapest place to start, but I was hoping for some input on how to trouble shoot the problem. I can't really tell if the engines missing or if it's hitting on both cylnders - just not familiar with these twin engines.


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The plugs are a good start. Do not take a parts store word for the plug your engine uses. Get the manual and find the correct plug.
I think your engine problem is carburetor related. The surging is typical of a carburetor with plugged or partially plugged idle circuit. It may not be necessary to remove and dismantle the carburetor.

Here is what I would do if I were working on it:
If you have an Auto Zone Auto Zone parts stores in your community get a can of Auto Zone brand “Valucraft Carb Cleaner” Part Number: AZ-4, 13 ounces in a yellow and black aerosol can with a red plastic cap. It for around $2.00 per can. I have been very successful in cleaning carburetors often without removing them from the engine. I have not had many carburetors I could not clean. Sometimes I use the entire can. At the price it sells for, so what. If you do not have an Auto Zone purchase whatever carburetor cleaner you can find.

WARNING - Do not get “Valucraft Carb Cleaner” in your eyes or on your skin. Use a full-face shield for eye and face protection. Wear protective gloves. The cleaner will damage rubber so remove rubber carburetor parts to prevent damage.

If this does not work, you will have to remove and disassemble the carburetor to thoroughly clean.

Download a service manual at:
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Hey, thanks so much for the quick response!

I'l pick up a can of that stuff tomorrow. Thanks also for the link to the manual too.

Thanks again.

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