B&S engine w/carb solenoid and no battery


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B&S engine w/carb solenoid and no battery

Last year, my starter on my B7S 12.5HP Vanguard V-Twin on my ol' Simplicity chewed up its plastic gear. Being unemployed at the time, I tried to figure another way to mow my lawn. I found a PVC toilet floor flange in my garage and mounted it upside down on top of the engine (Don't laugh, it worked great.) I put a screw through the middle of the diameter and poked it 1/8" thru one side and got an old car safety belt and burnt a hole in the folded hem in the end of it. I put the hole in the belt on the screw tip and wrapped the rest of the belt around the toilet flange, gave it a pull and the tractor started right up. The battery hasn't been on the tractor for about a year. This spring, I tried starting the thing and it wouldn't. I took the carb off and cleaned it and blew out the fuel line. A couple of pulls fills the fuel line but no fuel is getting thru the carb. I'm wondering if the fuel shut-off solenoid on the bottom of the float bowl is not working. I'm wondering if running the thing for a year with no battery caused power spikes to the solenoid that eventually wrecked it. On second thought, since its the first thing in the spring after sitting all winter, its probably my poor job of cleaning out the carb. If the solenoid was burned up, it would have been quite a cooincidence to have it happen on the last run last fall or the first pull this spring. Any ideas? What did I miss when cleaning?

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It does sound like the carb may need more cleaning, but check the solenoid. It may be stuck if there was varnish in the carb. I doubt there was any damage to the solenoid from running with no battery, in fact, it must have not been seating in the first place, or it wouldn't have started with no battery.

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