brand new brigg's 17.5 hp won't start


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brand new brigg's 17.5 hp won't start

the tractor had a 20hp twin briggs 461707 I/C it threw a rod so instead of getting a shortblock i went to runnings and got
a new off the shelf 17.5 brigg's I/C single cylinder. everything
bolted up fine now the problem when i wired it there is one
red wire comming from a square silver/black module i assume
that is for the stator so i hooked that up to the orange wire
(Craftsman mower) i hooked up the blue wire to the carb solnoid the motor turns over freely but no spark. i unhooked the kill wire at the coil and still no spark?? new plug (of course) batteries good? i tried other plugs grounding them to the block no spark the three safty switchs are working or else it would'nt even turn over pto switch seat switch and brake switch what gives??
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you have a pm

have a great day
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If there is no spark, even with the coil kill wire unplugged, then you have a bad coil or the kill wire is shorted between the coil and the end of the wire. If you connected a wire with power on it to the kill wire on the coil, then the coil is fried.
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tractor: Craftsman 917270940
old motor:20 hp briggs 461707
new motor: 17.5 hp 31C707 0026G1
wires from tractor orange/blue/black/red looped
wires on new motor grey&black together
red (spaded) yellow spaded into black on outside volt reg.
what goes where? and what causes an engine to cough/sputter and die H2O in the gas?? thanks
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17.5 intec briggs

Model 31C707 0026G1 080205ZD according tp the briggs website this engine is a "gravity fed" system so it cannot be used for a remote gas tank. Question: the engine that i have has the optional connecter-hose nipple SKU 794873
located under the intake manifold tube. I took this brass
fitting off and where it screws into the plastic intake it has a pinnhole- Where the hose connects ont the outside the opeing in about the size of a thick ballpoint pen filler. this
option is for a pulse operated fuel pump correct? the features
on this motor state""Dependable float feed type carb with integral fuel pump for remote mount fuel tank" i am grasping for straws at this point i have it hooked up on a craftsman tractor with the tank under the seat #917.270940 it will start but starve for fuel and die. can i get a different fitting
that isn't as small in order for the pump to work better??
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i figured it out thanks

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