Foam Filling

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Foam Filling

When I go to our family farm in Miss., I nearly always end up with a flat tire on one piece of machinery or other, which takes time away from the limited time I already have to mow the yard and fields. Well, this past week-end I had a belly full of it. I am accustomed to having a couple of low tires to pump up when I get there, but this time I aired up my lawn tractor. After mowing for a while, I shut down and returned later for more work. I found a puncture in a front tire, which I plugged. A little later I was using my 40 year old Yazoo mower and pierced a tire with a briar. Sat. morning I went to crank up the old Ford tractor to bush hog the field around the house, and discovered a flat front tire in it. The final straw that broke my camel's back was when I was leaving to return home (B'ham) I was towning a portable sawmill, and I had a flat on that machine also!! It just wasn't my week-end. My brother mentioned that several years ago, the firm that he worked for had the tires of a Bobcat filled with foam to avoid punctures. I thought that might be a good thing to do with my smaller mowing machines - the big-wheel Yazoo and the lawn tractors - maybe even the DR Brush Cutter. Does anyone have any experience with having this done, and have any suggestions where one might find a firm that can fill tires with foam? Thanks
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This is the stuff I've used before:

It didn't stop the tires from losing a little air, but I'd pull out whatever was in the tire, pump it up and it was sealed.
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I agree...I think I'd use the slime before I used the foam...and only on stuff that never went at highway speeds. The foam pretty much is permanent and renders the entire wheel useless if the tire ever does need to come off. It also doesn't balance and doesn't have the cushioning effect or conforming ability that an air-filled tire has. It's also very costly. I can see using it in a bobcat or similar machinery if it is owned by a demolition company or something like that where glass and nails are inevitable every day. Anything less than that though, and I wouldn't ever use the foam.
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What little I know about foam filled tires is that they ride harder than air filled tires. On a riding mower, the only suspension you have is the give in the tires and the seat springs if so equipped. I've used slime and "aerosol Fix-A-Flat" with decent success. Still have some cushoin from air in the tire, but they seldom leak.

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