Best way to fix Valves???


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Best way to fix Valves???

What is the best way to re seat valves. I know you can lap them or grind them.. at least i think. Which one would be better long term and require less work down the road?
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Here is how I generally proceed with small engines. If a valve is pitted, I generally toss it and buy a new one. If the seat is pitted and there is nothing otherwise wrong with the head/block, I take the head/block to a machine shop to install a new seat or cut the existing one. I then lap the valve(s) until I see a contact pattern I like on the valve face.

I usually paint the valve face with a sharpie and then coat it with the lapping compound and then lap it. The lapping compound will "erase" the sharpie where it contacts the seat. The contact pattern is clear as day.

This has always worked for me in the past and has helped me restore compression to quite a few engines.

- Joe
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Is lapping a short term or long term fix??
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Depending on what you're trying to fix. If you're lapping a new valve to the seat, or lapping a carboned dirty valve that is in otherwise good condition, it's pretty much long term. If you're lapping a valve to compensate for other problems, then who knows.

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