Power Washer for a deck


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Power Washer for a deck

I have a small power washer (1600 PSI) and it seems to take forever to wash the deck. I would like to buy a new one.

What PSI should I look for?

Can any one recommend a brand? Or maybe one I should stay away from?

Deck 25' X 12'

Does any have any general recomendations or comments regarding deck Washing?

Dan NJ
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Welcome to the forums Dan!

It doesn't take a lot of pressure to wash a deck. You can damage the wood if too much pressure is used!

The majority of cleaning should be done using a bleach solution or a deck cleaner. I usually wet the deck, apply the cleaner with a pump up graden sprayer, let set but not dry and then rinse with the pressure washer.
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I agree. The washing shouldn't be done with a pressure washer, or you'll damage the wood. It will be fuzzy and eventually badly weathered. Clean with a deck cleaner solution and spray it mildly with the pressure washer to rinse.

If you are still looking for a new pressure washer anyway, I'd stay away from anything with the pump under the engine. Also stay away from any pumps without a brass valve body. This should be guideline enough to get you looking at decent pumps, but they will cost you a good bit more. Not in the long run though. A cheap unit may last a few years. A good one can last a few decades.

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