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Standard size garden tractor battery won't fit?...

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05-26-08, 07:29 AM   #1  
Standard size garden tractor battery won't fit?...

Standard size garden tractor battery won't fit?...

Thanks for the replies... Unfortunately, those that replied thought just the same as I did. A standard sized garden tractor battery will not fit under the bail that holds the battery in place in the battery tray as intended by the manufacture.

The standard garden tractor battery case is about 5"Wide X 7-1/2"Length X 6-1/4" High... It will fit in the tray perfectly, but not under the bail that retains it in the tray.

I know the old battery fit under the bail as I took it out of the tractor myself. The bail sits about 4-1/4" above the battery tray in its restrained position assuming the battery was in place.

The battery I need should be the standard width and length but with a lower profile of only 4-1/4" high for it to fit in place and not having the potential to arc on the chassis at the top of the opening where the battery sits.

I thought about making something to restrain the standard size battery in place as it will fit under my sit and in the battery tray... But if it ever came loose, there would be a serious potential for the positive terminal to arc against the lip on the top of the battery compartment which is part of the tractor frame and designed in such a way I really can't change.

I guess back then Murray wasn't interested in using a standard sized battery in their riding mowers.

Without any modifications, using a standard size battery without proper restrain would be very dangerous at best.

This is why I am asking if anyone knows what size battery I had in this mower before I disgarded the old one that did fit in my mower perfectly.

I explained all this to Batteries Plus when I went there to inquire about getting the right size battery and they were no help.

Thanks again for all your replies and I hope someone out there can figure this out.


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05-26-08, 08:57 AM   #2  
Maybe the link below will help. Have a good one. Geo

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05-26-08, 11:55 AM   #3  
Murray Model not listed on batterycountry.com...

Thanks for the reply geogrubb.

I checked all the models of Murray Mowers listed on the web site you referred me to, and my Murray Model #42819X92A is not shown. the Manuf Date Code is 94333.

I also compared the dimensions for all the batteries listed there... Only two sizes in height are listed and I need one with a lower profile than either of the two they list.

The battery retaining bail in my mower that holds the battery in the tray measures 4-1/4" from the bottom of the battery tray with the bail in the closed position assuming a battery would be in place.

The batteries listed at the site you referred me to are either 6-5/8" high or 7-5/16" high... Both of which are too high in profile for my tractor... And my Murray Model was not even shown for any of the batteries listed which might be why none of the ones listed will fit.

I sure hope someone has an answer for my problem. The mower runs great aside from not having a battery for it right now, so it sure would be nice to find a battery soon.

Thanks for your reply,


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05-26-08, 07:59 PM   #4  
It does take a standard lawn and garden battery. It doesn't go under the bail, it goes next to the bail. You put the battery in alongside the bail, then flip the bail to push the battery snugly in place and hold it there.

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God bless!

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Join Date: May 2008
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05-27-08, 09:18 PM   #5  
Thanks Cheese

Thanks Cheese.... I guess I forgot exactly how this battery was sitting in the tray last year when I removed it.

I appreciate the info and will try installing the battery as you instructed this weekend when I have some time to get the mower out.

Thanks so much

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