John Deere F525 Mower - Starting Problem


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John Deere F525 Mower - Starting Problem

Hello to the site, pretty sweet place! I'm kind of motor retarded and need some help before I decide to load my mower and take it to someone that knows what they are doing.

I've had this mower for going on 3 seasons now and it's been great. This year it has been a constant headache, but up until this point the problems were just minor and I took care of them. Now though...with a yard that is way past the point of needing mowed my mower will not start. It just cranks and cranks and cranks but will not turn over. It started sputtering the other night and just died. After I let it sit for a bit it started back up and white smoke belowed out of the exhaust for a bit but then it ran just fine...for about 5 minutes. It then would start up for about 30 seconds and then die and now it officially will not even turn over. I've replaced the plug, the fuel filter, and am lost at what to do next.

If I can't get it going soon I'll have to load it up and take it to a pro....anyone have any tips?

Thanks in advance.
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Is the oil level overfull? Does the oil smell like gas? Sounds like the carb needle is stuck and the engine is full of gas.
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Hey pardner i'm only one post ahead of ya as i'm new too.

Check to make sure you have fuel coming to and leaving the fuel filter. My F525 only shows the filter about 1/3 full, but is enough to run at full speed with no problems. I replaced the fuel pump and fuel lines and it still only fills to about 1/3 of the filter capacity.
Sometimes I would get the white smoke while mowing on a slope but I also had the oil level a little too full.
These Mowers are fine at times, then just like your's, they continue to act up with one problem after another and are not the easiest to work on or troubleshoot. The electricals are a nightmare as well.
Here are some real basic things to check so don't be mad at me for listing them and i'm sure that there are some i'm forgetting:

Plenty of fresh gas in the tank?
PTO switch off?
Fuses all good? (these mowers tend to have a connection and continuity problem on the back side of the fuse block, so you might have to remove the block to check for continuity on both sides of the fuse) I've even had to bypass a particular fuse on the fuse block and add an inline fuse to that particular circuit to solve a problem.

Relays and safety switches all plugged in and adjusted to operate properly? (Might use a meter to check for proper operation)

I bought my F525 new in 1993 and have about 1100 hours on it. It started giving me trouble at about 800 hours. Lots of hours spent on mine and my neighbors F525 to keep them running.

I bought a F1145 4x4, 72" diesel unit and now only use the F525 for close in mowing and utility work.

Good luck, and hope you can solve the problem without shop work, cause it is expensive.....Stan in SW, Mi.

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