Blue Gas?


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Blue Gas?

Anyone ever seen BLUE GAS? I have a Sears Eager 1 mower in the shop. Customer says it starts hard, IF it starts at all. Brought it to a competitor last year and was told he had bad gas. He still has the same problem. As always, I siphon out all the gas in the tank looking for water. Surprise!!!! The gas is a medium blue color. Gas around here is usually a red or tan color. First time I have ever seen blue gas. Yes, it does smell like gasoline, not diesel or kerosene. Oh, we started getting 10% ethonal gas here in Jan. But this mower has not been used since then as it would not start.
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Sounds to me like it has some oil in it like for a 2-cycle, maybe he buys/gets his gas at a marina where the fuel comes out of the pump premixed for boats. Have a good one. Geo
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Indy, I see this a lot. I live on the Ottawa River & usually in the fall the snowblowers will come in & as you, I siphon the water from the bottom of the tank.. Lots of times I've seen Blue Gas & when I ask the owner he tells me "It's from my boat. I'm not going to waste gas @ $1.30/ litre". We'll see more of it as gas prices rise...Roger
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Around here Sunoco brand gas is blue in color.
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The only time i will see Bleu gas around here is the Avation [ aircraft ] fuel that is 100LL Avgas and it is not road taxed btw.

If ya don't belive it welcome to read this

scroll down near the bottom you will see aircraft fuel you will see what i mean.


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