Honda Harmony wheels grinding


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Honda Harmony wheels grinding

I have a 13 year old Honda Harmony HRM215HXA that has been running great until this year. If I'm going in a straight line it's fine, but as soon as I turn, the right wheel grinds, slips, and makes some nasty noises. It's only the right rear wheel, the left is fine. And it makes the same noise with drive system disengaged. I've pulled the wheel off and didn't see anything obvious. Any tips on what to look for? Thanks.
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Most likely the bearing/bushing that holds the shaft that
drives the gear is wore out, and when certain pressure is
applied, it is metal on metal grinding, and the gear is far
enough away to slip, etc.
With the wheel off, take the weight off of the rear of the mower, and try to move the gear up and down/side to side,
you will likely see the trouble.


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