Craftsman tractor fuel problem


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Craftsman tractor fuel problem

Hi, I am having a probelm with my tractor, it has a 14.5 kohler and fuel keeps flowing into the carb after being shut off. I thought someone was stealing gas out of it, everytime I looked at it the tank would be empty. Anyhow, I researched it a little and decided to open up the carb and clean it out, so I used compressed air and some throttle body cleaner and took it apart and cleaned it up. So I put it back together and it ran fine, then all of a sudden it dies, I thought it was out of fuel, but it wasnt, the fuel filter was empty but the tank was full, I checked all the lines and the tank, I have fuel flow when I pull the line off the carb, so it seems like there is something clogged up on the carb and it is getting airlocked?? I was gonna buy another carb but first of all I can't find one, and second, I started to see rebuild kits for mine, which is a LMK 56 carb, I was previously told that they don't offer a rebuild kit and I would have to get a new carb if cleaning didnt work. Anyway, if anyone can offer any advice, I would appreciatte it.-------Jack
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Check to be sure the fuel solenoid didn't come unplugged. Take it out and make sure it is working. If so, drop the bowl and see if fuel will flow through the carb inlet into the bowl area.

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