Cub Cadet hydrostatic clutch problem


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Cub Cadet hydrostatic clutch problem

Ok so its a 2130 model. The other model number is 13a-212f100. The problem started 2 days ago when I was mowing. I had just cleaned out the carb to get it running. When you start the mower in anything other than nuetral it automaticaly starts moving backwards. After finishing mowing I pushed the lever to go forward and it kept going backwards. After 3 tries it finally went forward. I went about 50 feet when it started leaking fluid out through the hydrostatic clutch vent hose. I shut it down and cleaned everything off. I checked the fluid and its full and clean. I started it back up and it starts going backwards and the brake wont stop it. I push to go forward at the clutch screechs and stalls the engine. It does this everytime now and will not move forward at all. Just a loud screech till the engine dies. I am looking for any ideas as to what the problem may be and what should or could be done to fix it. I havn't taken it apart yet. I've been an auto tech for 13 years so it shouldn't be a problem for me to do. Thanks in advance.
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I'm not familiar with that type of drive system that cub cadet used, but from looking at the diagrams, I'd start looking at the area around #4 on this diagram....

If you don't see the probelm there, maybe at least the link I posted will help you some. Keep checking in, maybe someone else here has had experience with that drive system.

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