Cursed Lawn Tractor


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Angry Cursed Lawn Tractor

My brother gave me an old lawn tractor.

Craftsman - Murray Ohio (Circa late 80s)
Number on Tractor: 502 60218D

The Engine is a 18 HP Briggs and Straton Twin II (1995)
Model: 422707
Type: 1214 01
Code: 9502285B

He got a new one because this one was giving him too much trouble. I now understand why.

The problems he thought he had were, starter and 2 deck bearings. Plus after about 20 minutes of running it would quit on him. (if air was getting in the gas tank would this happen? I know with my snowblower, if I take the gas cap off it dies after a little bit, well the gas cap on the tractor has no cover over the E-F gage, and a little hole in the middle goes straight into the gas tank.)

Well heres what I found so far. The starter was fine, we cleaned it up and it runs fine. I believe the starter switch was cooked. so we found a used one and put it on.
all the deck bearings were bad or going. so we replaced them all.
We changed the fuel filter.
I put a brand new megneto coil in it and new spark plugs
I finally got it to turn over and run.
but then couldn't get it to shut off. (kill switch wire on the coil might have fallen off tho.)

but since then it won't even turn over. battery is fine, Unless the starter went kaput the last time I started it.
I tried direct to the starter to see if it would help in case it was the selenoid. but still nothing. I can turn the flywheel by hand so its not seized. it has gas. but its dead in the water.

Could the starter be cooked? it was fine every time I used it, not weak or anything. Just all of a sudden dead?

Update: I just tried it and it made a small very short but sorta loud noise, like it felt power and rattled for a quarter of a second. maybe it is the starter?

Wanna follow along with all my misadventures with this tractor? go here:

yes some of the problems are my own fault (two coils burned)
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Sounds like you're not getting power to the solenoid. Are the battery connections clean and tight? (check them)
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right now they are running off jumper cables from the battery to the cables (it was just easier so I can unplug it when not in use)
But I had mentioned I also tried direct to the starter. skipping the solenoid all together.
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Do the cables spark when connected to the starter?
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Dumb problem solved. After a few surges and problems. the cables had melted. and we were using the cables for everything. so once we figured out the cables were the problem it started just fine.

Have to get a new belt and will see after that if I need any more help.
thanks anyways.
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Just my curiosity, how much time and money have you invested in this so far?

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