Briggs 17hp intek with thrown rod


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Briggs 17hp intek with thrown rod

I picked up an engine recently that has a thrown rod. The original owner said they never checked the oil and the rod went as a result (the crankcase smelled awful as well). I took it apart and it doesnt look too bad, theres no cracks or hole in the block and the cylinder looks ok, cross hatching still there. I checked the crank and here is my question. It doesnt have any gouges or anything, but the whole journal is coated in aluminum from the bad rod. What is the best way to attempt to clean this off? Will it be useable if I clean it and find no damage to the journal? Thanks!
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Muratic acid dribbled onto the crank (slowly) will burn the aluminum from the journal. Do this outside & with gloves & protective eye/face protection. when it stops boiling, the aluminum is gone. Then measure & inspect... Roger
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Yep...acid works. Double check the engine right behind the starter and the bottom of the cylinder edges, and the camshaft boss in the block. These areas are where the block commonly gets damaged when a rod goes. Also check the piston skirt. If the crank looks good and mics out ok, then it should be fine when the aluminum is gone. Be sure to pay attention to the balancer bushing areas on the balancer and the crank...especially the top one, as this one is usually damaged or worn when the engine is run low on oil.
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I use a wire wheel, sandpaper, etc. The crank can usually
be saved.

With the INTEK parts list though, they had a part change
in 2004, and they want you to buy a new crank on the older models when replacing the rod/s.
I just found an older block with good rods, and did it that way.
Post your complete model, type, code numbers, and we
can look it up.

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The smelly oil residue is likely cooked down 10w40, it breaks
down in high heat situations, and can destroy an engine.


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