I am stumped and need help


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I am stumped and need help

Hello folks,
I have a 10 horse power briggs and stratton on a simplicity cavalier riding lawn mower..engine model number is 220707 type 0650 01..My problem is i need to adjust the carburetor on it but don't know the correct adjustment points. Or how far to turn them, I have takein the carb apart when I bought it (used) they said it needed that done, now if I choke it, it will run very high, when I idle it down it dies out like it isnt getting enough gas.If you could help me with it that would be great, also if you could say things like bottom bowl screw, top most screw, link stop screw(the one that stops how far it idles). I know it seems dumb but I am dumb when it comes to lawn mower carburetors.

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Ok, if the engine is racing, a carb adjustment won't help that.
That's likely to be a governor or linkage problem.

To adjust the carb, the "bottom bowl screw" is the high speed mixture screw. With the engine at full governed speed, turn this screw out until the engine begins to stumble and puff. Then turn the screw back in slowly, counting the turns, until the engine goes past the point of running good and begins to cut out again. Divide this number of turns by 2, and turn the screw back out that number. This should get it in or close to the right spot. Fine tuning might be necessary.

The top most screw is the low speed mixture adjustment screw. Set this at 1 1/2 to 2 full turns out from lightly seated. This should get it close, and you fine tune this screw at idle.

The stop screw is the idle speed screw. Adjust this to raise and lower the idle speed as desired.

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