help with mower, rope will not pull , ran into a piece of wood


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help with mower, rope will not pull , ran into a piece of wood

i was mowing last night and ran into a piece of landscape and my mower just stopped. I tried to pull the string and it was stuck, I turned the mower over and i did have a lot of grass underneath and at first wasnt able to move the blade, after i cleaned underneath the blades moved but i noticed that oil had spilled out, and the rope is still hard to turn. my neighbor suggested i take out the spark plug and wipe it off and put some wd4o on it and im a little confused as i am not a repair person at all. anyone help me. or have i ruined my mower.
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If you may have one of several problems . Could be liquid lock from oil entering the cylinder which can be relieved by
removing the plug and cranking it over slowly until the oil clears the cylinder. Second you could have bent the crank which if you did it would be cheaper to go buy a new mower.
Third you may some how engaged the engine brake which is
usually connected to the on off safety bar on the handle by aa cable.

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