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HELP! Lawn Tractor rear bagger always clogging

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06-12-08, 10:39 PM   #1  
HELP! Lawn Tractor rear bagger always clogging


I have a 4 year old Troy-Bilt Pony lawn tractor with a double rear bagger. I never had trouble with my grass clippings getting into my bagger before. But somehow this year, everytime I run the tractor, the mulched clippings always get stuck in the shoot leading up to the bags. I've tried everything.

I read before that this may happen with moist grass, so I avoided mowing my lawn if it was wet. But even with dry grass, it still gets clogged. Last week, I noticed that if I was mowing and was running the tractor at a relatively fast speed (4 or 5 out of 8 speed settings), it gets clogged. So I thought maybe the tractor isn't able to cut, mulch then suck fast enough. I put it on the lowest speed (1 of 8) and it worked fine. So I thought I figured what was wrong. Well, I mowed the lawn 2 days ago at the lowest speed and the first half of the time everything was fine. But after I disengaged the blades and cleared the baggers, the problem started happening again on my next go-around, even if I was running at the lowest speed. It's really frustrating.

Any ideas what's causing this? I really appreciate all the help.


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06-12-08, 11:57 PM   #2  
Sounds like your blades are worn out to the point that the lift is worn off them.

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06-13-08, 08:39 AM   #3  
If you are using the original blades that came with your tractor after 4 years, I'll agree with cheese. But I'd guess that you recently got new blades and the new ones are different or incorrect in that they don't supply enough lift to blow the clippings up the chute. My clue is you used the word "mulch" so I'm guessing that you removed the high lift blades and replaced them with mulching blades.

Other possibility is that you have aquired a burr or rough spot on the inside of your chute that the grass is catching on, maybe caused by a stick scratching it's way up. So get a bright light and do a complete thorough internal examination of the chute, elbows, etc all the way to the bags.

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07-27-14, 12:00 PM   #4  
I bought two new blades - MaxPower 331713X Heavy Duty Commercial Mulching Blade (Robot Check) for my Poulan XT Gear Drive tractor and it stop bagging grass at all. What could be the issue ? . Multching Blades do not lift grass ? or I may have install wrong side ? Can any one please help me with this problem. I would hate to buy another two blades. It is very important that I bag grass, since I do not want to leave grass on ground and end us too much weed spreading.

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07-27-14, 01:43 PM   #5  
Mulching blades don't do well at bagging, also check that they are not on upside down. Have a good one. Geo

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08-07-14, 10:48 AM   #6  
I bought new high lift blade from below link and still it is not bagging either. Is there anything I did wrong while installing the blade ? or putting bottom part back to the tractor ? What makes blade to throw grass into grass catcher throught Chute ?


I have Poulan XT Gear Drive(Model: pxt175g42) tractor and below 3 bin Craftsman grass catcher.

Craftsman 9 Bushel 3 - Bin Hard Bagger for 42 in. Deck - Lawn & Garden - Tractor Attachments - Bagger Attachments

It was catching Grass nicely before I changed the blade. I changed twice thinking first one was not right one. Do you think I installed blade incorrectly ? Is there any right or wrong way of installing blade ?

Help please.

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08-07-14, 10:56 AM   #7  
The bent part of the blade must be up when the mower deck is in the normal position. Baggers do not do well if the grass is wet, really dense or if you are trying to cut too much in one pass. Try raising the deck one or two notches and see if it works better. You may need to make multiple passes lowering the deck one notch at a time.

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