Clutch won't turn chain on gocart


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Clutch won't turn chain on gocart

My son just installed a new clutch on hisTecumseh (modelOH195EP) engine. It was up and running but after a few days, died on him. The shaft spins but clutch will not engage to move chain. He forgot to put set screws in and put them in after but it made no difference. A small rectangular metal piece was in with the screws. Not sure where that goes? Did he strip the clutch out?
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It might be too late now, but the square piece goes in the slot between the clutch and crankshaft. Then the set screws go in to lock it in place tightly.
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Thank you for answering our question. We will try putting the other piece in and see if that works. If not, he will have to buy another clutch.......another valuable lesson learned.
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Having spun the clutch hub on the shaft without the key (small rectangular piece) you may find that the key won't fit now due to burrs generated by the hub spinning. You can clean up the burrs by CAREFUL use of a small file on the shaft or hub. You want to remove the absolute minimum amount of metal necessary to get that key in the slot. I don't know what the setscrews were tightened against, but you may possibly have grooves now cut into your motor's shaft from the tips of the screws as they spun around. If it's real bad, you won't be able to remove the clutch to install that key because they will be locked together. If you are lucky, just the tips of the set screws will be buggered up and you can replace the screws. The clutch itself is fine, just wasn't locked to the shaft by the key which is necessary for it to operate correctly.

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