Problem with Snapper Hi-Vac Riding Mower


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Exclamation Problem with Snapper Hi-Vac Riding Mower


I have a 2006 Snapper Hi-Vac 28" riding mower model 281223BVE with a Briggs & Stratton Intek 12.5 motor model 219907 type 0131.

This mower is only 2 seasons old. The problem I am having is that last fall, the mower started to stall out on me about 10 minutes into mowing my lawn. Shortly after this, every time I engaged the mower, it would stall. Now, every time I let the clutch out to go forward or reverse (without engaging the mower) it stalls.

Here's what I've done so far: I replaced the spark plug, air filter, fuel filter and drained the fuel tank and lines. Added new fresh gasoline to the tank. I attempted to drain the carburetor but the two phillips screws holding the bottom of the carburetor on won't turn! I have to use a stubby phillips and can't get enough torque to get them off. There is no simple drain plug for the carburetor that I can see.

It still stalls when I try to let out the clutch.

I'd like to fix this myself. I've been told it may be a problem with the safety switch(es) but the wiring checks out ok with my meter from what I can tell. The dealer is NO help at all because they want me to have them come pick it up and fix it for upwards of $250.00 or more!

Another issue with this Snapper is that the battery will not charge. I've had to pull start it since just after the warranty ran out. Battery is good, I've charged it with my trickle charger and it takes a charge just fine, but it won't charge while installed in the mower when the mower is running.

Anyone have any ideas as to what is wrong? Should I try to remove the carburetor completely to get the bottom cap off and drain it? Seems like a lot to just drain the carburetor.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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I forgot to mention that this mower will idle all day long provided the clutch/brake is engaged and it's in neutral. But as soon as I put it in gear and let the clutch out, within a few seconds it'll stall. I may be wrong but that leads me to believe that it's not something wrong with the fuel/carburetor.

Also, in order to check out the safety switch problem, is there a way to completely bypass the safety switches to see if the motor still stalls or not? That would rule out the safety switch issue if I could temporarily bypass them.
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Unplug the kill wire going to the coil and see if it dies when you let off the clutch. It doesn't sound like your carb is the problem to me. Sounds like a seat switch problem.

If you try unplugging the kill wire, you won't be able to shut the engine off until you plug it back in, or choke it out, so be careful.

The charging problem can be tested with a one?
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Originally Posted by cheese View Post
Unplug the kill wire going to the coil and see if it dies when you let off the clutch... <snip>
Thanks very much for the reply. I'll give it a try later today.

Any chance that someone can point me to an online repair manual for this Snapper mower and motor? I've googled but couldn't find one.


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