15.5 hp Briggs & Stratton ring gear replacement


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15.5 hp Briggs & Stratton ring gear replacement

The teeth of the plastic ring gear on my Craftsman mower are severely worn and causeing starting problems. Engine is a Briggs & Stratton model #28N707. I am attempting to remove the magneto assembly to replace the gear with a new aluminum one. I have removed the bolt that holds the assembly to the crankshaft and have removed the fan retainer. Should not the plastic fan and whatever else is on top of the crankshaft slip off before installing the puller to remove the magneto itself??? If so....the fan wont budge...barely any pressure can be applied to it without breaking it all to pieces. Is there a trick to getting it off or am i missing something here???
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The plastic fan does have to come off,take the two 1/2 wrench size bolts out (one on ether side of the crank) as well as losening the flywheel bolt.There is a special puller that can be threaded into these two holes and the center bolt pushes against the flywheel bolt.Then bump the center nut with a hammer while slowly tightenning the nuts under the puller on the two bolts screwed inth the flywheel.(tighten each a little at a time) Bump... thghten....Bump tighten.When flywheel comes off drill out the 4 brads that hold the ring gear on and bolt on the new one with the bolts & nuts supplyed.
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Yep, the fan does pull off. I've never seen one that was brittle. They usually flex well. If yours is brittle, you need a new one anyway, so if you break it, it doesn't matter.

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