Bolens mower w/ 10T502 briggs


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Bolens mower w/ 10T502 briggs

I have had a series of brand new 2008 Bolens (on the 3rd one now) push mowers that won't power up to full throttle, surge when cutting grass and start harder than they should(4-5 pulls). They run fine under no load, but run slow(about 2000 rpm). These were bought this spring at the local big box store. Customers brought them to me as the BB store is no help and refer them to the dealer that can do warrenty work , who is 40 miles away. That makes it 80 miles to drop off, another 80 miles to pick it up and a 3-4 week wait.
Here are the numbers:
Bolens: 11a-074E065
Briggs: 10T502-0457-B1-08021554
I have checked flywheel key, gas cap, for water in the tank, carb linkage.
What am I missing here? These brand spanking new engines should run a heck of a lot better than they are even tho they are still using a 50 year old carb(tank mounted pulsar jet).
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I've been seeing some with the diaphragm pulled out from under the carb between the screws on either side of the intake tube. This causes the symptoms you described sometimes in minor cases. The carbs sometimes warp a bit. I've had some that I just had to replace the carb to fix them.

Bend the tab where the governor spring attatches a little toward the front of the mower to increase rpm.

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