weedeater featherlite xt200 fuel line issue


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weedeater featherlite xt200 fuel line issue

hello everyone

I recently cleaned up the carburetor on my weedeater xt200 trimmer as no fuel seemed to be getting to it. In the process of doing this, the fuel line broke off in the tank. I replaced this and put it all back together but now there is no fuel getting to the primer bulb.it will not draw. Being the genius mechanic that I am (not!),I think I just hooked the fuel line up wrong. There are two lines coming from the carb to the fuel tank. The draw line enters the fuel tank at the top near the cap and go's right to the bottom of the tank and has a filter on it. The other line also enters at the top of the tank but to the best of my recollection only go's in a short distance and just sucks air. Please forgive my ignorance but is this correct? or does the return line (I think it's called) actually go into the gas supply? .also on to which nipple does the draw line go once it leaves the tank?........I guess I became more confused when I read this quote from a couple of years ago that to me suggests the presence of a third line which I have no recollection of........any help would be much appreciated.


QUOTE from a previous post:

Yes,the line that has the fuel filter on it should be long enough to reach to the bottom of the tank (no matter in any position) And this line goes to the fuel pump side of the carb.The other is just a return line,it just pokes through the bottom of fuel tank 1" or so.And it hooks onto the shortest nipple on the primmer.And another line goes from the longest nipple on the primmer to the other fitting on the carb.
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Yeah,you're right.the fuel hose with the filter on it comes off the bottom (fuel pump side)of the carburetor,and goes to the loagest nipple on the primmer bulb.The return line comes off the shortest nipple on the primmer bulb (if memory servs) and only sticks into the fuel tank a little way.If primmer doesn't fill up with fuel reverse lines on primmer bulb.
If you still can't get the primmer pulb to work then your carburator is clogged and is in need of cleaning and/or rebuilt.

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