Husqvarna LTH 125


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Husqvarna LTH 125

Long story short.....I acquired an older Husqvarna LTH 125, I have done lots of work to this machine over the last couple years to make it run and cut like it was brand new. The other day I was cutting the back yard and in some of the tall grass I hit a metal rake which I could not see and it stalled the machine out. I went to start it again after unlodging the rake and the motor turns over but I cannot get it to fire. It back fires through the carb and spits out a bunch of gas through it as well????

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I now have a dandelion farm on the go and I must get it cut down!

I thank you in advance for any help.
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It's exhibiting the classic symptoms of a sheared flywheel key, which is highly likely given the scenario you describe. The good news is that is exactly what is supposed to happen when the motor is subjected to a 'sudden stop'. Assuming this is the problem, now your timing is off, and hence the backfiring, etc. Not an expensive repair at all, but more labor intensive.

You should remove the pulley off the bottom end of the crankshaft and make sure that key isn't sheared or partially sheared. There is a possibility that with a good light and access under the front you could make a visual inspection of the lower key and see if it is sheared or partially sheared without going to the trouble of removing it.

More than likely, you'll just have a problem with the flywheel key.

Keep us posted!

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