Stehl Chainsaw


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Stehl Chainsaw

I have a farm boss chainsaw. Ive noticed its not cutting as long as it use to. I know the bar could be tweeked from getting hung up but i dont see the chain hitting anything. Seems like the edge dulls quicker than it use to. Think it just needs a new bar? I dont know much about them besides they cut logs.. It seems like the saw is cutting at an angle or a slight c. I know if the chains are dull it will do that but i just had them sharpened and within 6 cuts im banging my head against the tree
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The best bet would be to replace the bar and chain so you know you've got it fixed. If you think it may need a bar, it probably does. Bars usually need replacing or reconditioning long before the general user becomes aware of it.
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A lot depends on the chain that has just been resharpened. The person that sharpened the chain may have taken the temper out of the saw tooth by getting it hot when the grinder faced the tooth. Also the rakers are to be touched up when the tooth is sharpened so the proper height in reference to the saw tooth is maintained. Also how hard a wood are you cutting and how dirty is it makes a difference on amount of cuts the chain will make before it becomes dull. If your tooth on the chain looks blue then the person sharpening the chain is getting it hot when he does the sharpening. When he sharpens the chain tooth, the rounding off from the wear on the tooth should be removed otherwise that person is not sharpening the chain properly. The angle both on the vertical and horizontal on the tooth on the chain affects the amount of cutting and speed of cut before the chain needs resharpening. Oregon had a school a while back on sharpening and making chains for saws using their equipment. It was pretty interesting.

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