Aluminum Transfer on Crank shaft, Rebuild question


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Question Aluminum Transfer on Crank shaft, Rebuild question

I think I know what caused it, low oil at some point. But my connectind rod broke. After I took apart engine I was inspecting crankshaft. The shaft has a lot of aluminunm built up where the rod was connected. Can this be repaired,sanded,scraped,or cleaned somehow? Or does this need to be taken to a shop? I also looked at the piston and it has a dark brown /black area in the side of the piston. Can this be cleaned when I replace the rings? I see no signs for scratching or scaring on either the piston face or wall.
Kohler engine K181 30335d, serial e128628. Used in a JD tractor. 8hp.
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I know of people that have used the correct material and have removed the aluminum from the crank. I use a local engine shop that turns my Kohler cranks and also goes through the block when I rebuild this series of engine. Personally, I would have the crank turned and the block checked and honed or whatever it needs so that you would have a good rebuild where a new piston, rings and rod would make your engine like new. The engine shop really cleans the block up and goes through the valves also so when I get it back, all I have to do is put it back together with the new parts.
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That would be the way to do it properly.

To get aluminum off the crank, you can sand it carefully or a better way is to use muriatic acid. It will eat the aluminum off and leave the iron behind.

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