Winding WeedWhacker Line


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Winding WeedWhacker Line

We always seem to have problems winding new line onto our weedwhackers. It works the first few bumps, then stops. We then have to pull the spool apart and rewind. Each time we open it, the line is tangled, sometimes in a knot it seems. We check that we are winding in the correct direction, try winding tight, loose, paying attention not to overlap each length, not paying attention, all with the same results. This is across two different wackers, so it must be us.
Any standard procedures for doing this the right way that works?
We are trying to work it out before buying one of those after market heads that you simply stick the pieces into.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks for your time.
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Why don't you buy prewound spools for your unit.
I know they cost more but they save a lot of grief...........
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I've had the best luck with winding not too tight, not too loose and making sure the spool is clean as well as the bottom of the trimmer where the spool goes. That includes the hole that the string comes out of. Closely inspect the spool for worn notches, and rounded off areas, may be time for a new spool
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Also, if the line itself is old and dried out, it will cause more problems. You might try a new roll of line...regular round line seems to hang up less.

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