Engine issue


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Engine issue

I have a 1998 MTD riding mower with a 17.5 BS engine. Today while cutting the lawn, it make a loud noice and came to a sudden stop. When I try to start it the starter turns the engine 2 or 3 time faster than normal and nothing happens. I removed the spark plug and stuck a plastic straw into the hole about 3 inches. When I turned the engine over with my hand I didn't feel the piston contact the straw. Next I placed my finger over the hole and turned the engine over with the starter, there was no compression at all. Both ends of the crank turn. Do I have a broken rod?
Thanks for your time.
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Broken rod or piston wristpin or displaced connecting rod cap. It all amounts to taking the engine apart.
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to be sure that its a broken rod remove the cylinder head and have a look. sense its a 4 cycle engine the piston is off center to the sparkplug so its not going to hit the straw.
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It will hit the straw if it's all together. I agree, sounds like it's time to open up the engine, or repower with another one. Did it run out of oil?
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Yes it had plenty of oil, Mobile1 synthetic. I don't think it will be worth putting that type of money and effort into a 10 year old mower. I'm sure with all the related issues(damaged cylinder, crank, head) it would get into $300 -$500 bucks to get it right again. It can be replaced for a $1000, about a $100 more than it cost new. Thanks for all of your opinions.

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