Yard Man w/17hp OHC B&S surging (denial?)


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Yard Man w/17hp OHC B&S surging (denial?)

Maybe I am denying the inevitable, but I have had the carb apart several times now it it just isn't dirty in there. I have had the main jet out of the bowl, sprayed all the passageways...I am not sure a crab rebuild kit will do anything but absorb a little of my money.

The mower starts fine and will idle OK, but anything above idle it surges once per second in a range of about 50% of its RPM range. I am not convinced that the surge is a result of a lean condition, since choking it doesn't help much and taking out a vaccuum plug on the intake manifold does not make it any worse. Could this just be a governor adjustment issue?

Any help is great - my dad brought me this mower to see if I could make it work for him. It REALLY would make his mowing life better
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Surging is normally caused by lean running conditions, but if you suspect governor problems, inspect the spring and connections and reset the governor to eliminate it from being an issue.
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I adjusted the governor and it no longer surges. Do you think I made it impossible for the system to engage the governor, or did I actually fix it?
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The answer to that depends on the extent of your adjustment. If the unit is able to properly respond to load changes and maintain rpms, then you should declare victory! That's the real measure. If the engine responds improperly to load changes then that suggests it probably wasn't a governor issue to start with.

Let us know how it responds!

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